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FREE DOWNLOAD -The STEP-BY-STEP Guide To Automating & Scaling Your Coaching Business In Today's Economy

What You're about to Learn Inside:

We wrote this book to help coaches work ON their business and not IN their business.

This book reveals the MUST-HAVE tools, why they’re important, and how best to use them to create beautiful business automation so you can scale and generate the income you deserve.

Just some of the things you'll Learn Inside:

  • Chapter 1: Dashboard - A Snapshot Of Your Business Health
  • Chapter 2: Conversations With Customers - Email, Texting, Voicemails, Chatbots
  • Chapter 5: Knowing Your Numbers And Metrics
  • Chapter 6: Scheduling - Calendars and Appointments
  • Chapter 9: Funnels - Guiding Your Audience Through Your Value Ladder
  • Chapter 11: Memberships - Providing Valuable Content For Your Customers
  • Chapter 13: Implementation - Putting It All Together

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